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Free Shipping In Canada On Orders Over $149

Unit Farm UFO-320 Cree Osram Led Grow Light

High-quality UFO-320 Cree Osram led grow light, UFO-320 Cree Osram led grow light.

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Product Description :


Unit Farm


The Unit Farm UFO-320 LED grow light incorporates high-output Cree and Osram™ LEDs for ultimate reliability, intensity, and efficiency. 

The Unit Farm series features Veg and Flower modes to help you save energy during Veg and provide your plants with the blue wavelengths needed for lush growth without any stretching.

The state-of-the-art reflectors blend the wavelengths while directing the light down to your plants. 

Unit Farm LED grow lights are an affordable, reliable alternative compared to the many other LED grow lights on the market.



Model/SKU: UFO-320/uf320

Wattage draw: 

  • 725W + - 5% @ 120VAC
  • 710W + - 5% @ 240VAC

LEDs: Cree™ and Osram HO-LEDs; 50,000 hour lifespan (10+ years of normal use)

Spectrum: 450~475nm, 620~630nm, 650~660nm, white

Par value (at center): 3255.6umol


  • 52053 Lm ±5 % @ 120VAC
  • 54671 Lm ± 5% @ 240VAC

Coverage area:

  • Core Coverage: 3.8' x 4.3'
  • Max Coverage: 6.5' x 6.9'

Thermal management: Active cooling via aluminum heat sinks and cooling fans

Daisy chain: No

Dimensions: 25.0" x 22.4" x 3.14" 

Operating temperature: 85°F -105°F (30°C - 40°C)

Operating/input voltage: 85-265VAC 

Frequency: 50-60HZ


  • 6.01 @ 120VAC
  • 3.02 @ 240VAC

Product weight: 31.5 lbs 

dB: 54dB

Recommended height above plants: 

  • Germination: 24''-30''
  • Seedling: 24''
  • Veg: 18''-24''
  • Flower: 12''-18''

Product includes: Power cord

Recommended for: 

  • Grow tents
  • Grow rooms
  • Hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems

Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 year