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Free Shipping In Canada On Orders Over $149

Product Description :

If Your Plants Are Stressed, Weak, Or Near Death, Scientists Say Do This One Thing Now Before It's Too Late!

If you’ve ever walked into your grow room and found yourself in an emergency…

You see pale leaves or droopy flowers

Or an essential part of your hydroponics gardening system, like a pump, has failed and your plants are being starved to death…

Then, you’ll want to put this one scientific discovery to work for you right away…


Advanced Scientific Testing Discovers The Number One Thing You Should Do When Your Plants Are In Danger…



The team of scientists, researchers and plant chemists at Advanced Nutrients has spent many years studying the problems facing the types of plants we grow and the gardens we grow them in.

They discovered many things can go wrong during a crop cycle that could cause a large percentage of your plants to never make it… and in the process… hack away at the value of your entire harvest.

What they also uncovered was that in a grow room emergency; TIME is the biggest threat to your plants survival!

It’s a fact, the quicker you act to save your plants, the more likely you are to save them… just like… an accident victim is much more likely to survive if they can get into the Emergency Room as soon as possible and begin being treated.

But how you go about trying to save your plants is just as important as doing it quickly…


Heal Your Plants And Give Them The Best Chance Of Survival With This Specific Formula…



After hundreds of different tests and experiments with our types of plants in a variety of hydroponics garden types including rockwool, coco coir, aeroponics and soil this team of scientists determined a specific blend of nutrients and healing ingredients… delivered as fast as possible… is the best way to ensure your plants survive and rejuvenate when they’re in trouble.

After extensive research, experimentation and extensive testing, the team at Advanced Nutrients developed their exclusive REVIVE formula.

REVIVE is an easy to use formula that works with all types of gardens… can be added to your hydroponics solutions or used in a foliar spray… AND… is specifically created to rejuvenate the types of high-value plants we grow.

The proprietary formula rushes highly-chelated iron, zinc, calcium, nitrogen and other crucial nutrients directly into your plant’s cells to give them the maximum healing power they need…





These healing ingredients go to work immediately with your plants and…

Rejuvenating substances race into your roots, pumping them full of healing nutrition!

They thrust up into your stems and leaves, then flood them with nutrients!

New flowers and buds bloom… and… current flowers plump up juicy and larger than ever!

And now, you can finally relax because you don’t have to worry about losing your crops… and instead… you can focus on the huge harvest you were afraid was about to be lost.

Just how effective is REVIVE at diverting potentially harvest killing situations?

Read this short letter sent in about a customer’s recent experience with REVIVE…


Montana Grower Almost Loses His Whole Harvest Until He Saves His Plants With Revive!



Can You Really Afford To Take Chances With Your Crops?



Even if you’ve never experienced growing problems before, experts agree, it pays to be safe!

Instead of waiting for something to happen, the grand master growers we interviewed recommended buying a supply of REVIVE to keep on hand in case of any emergencies.

After all, it’s smart to keep a first aid kit in your house in case you need it… and… if you’re anything like us, you care about your plants health just as much (maybe even more!) than your own.

So it’s only logical to have a “first aid kit” ready for your plants too…

After all, every single harvest is valuable and you put a lot of time, money and effort into getting the biggest, heaviest most productive harvests possible… so it only makes sense… to protect what you’ve worked so hard to build!