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Kootenay KFI 800 with 6″ Flange Filter

Carbon: Granulated Virgin Activated Carbon
Prefilter installed: Yes
Replacement Prefilter SKU: PF800

CFM/M3 Ratings:
Max Exhaust CFM – 235
Max Recirculate CFM – 470
Max Exhaust M3 – 400
Max Recirculating M3 – 800

Original price $163.32 CAD - Original price $163.32 CAD
Original price
$163.32 CAD
$163.32 CAD - $163.32 CAD
Current price $163.32 CAD

Product Description :

The Green Line is Kootenay Filter Inc.’s Lightweight Filter Line. KFI is proud to have a product that uses only virgin activated carbon made from renewable resources. The proven design, manufacturing process and a production staff with years of experience make our product one of the best filters on the market. Our Light line filters are available with flange sizes 4″-14″ rated for 250 – 3250cfm. Our filters consist of only 2 things, steel and carbon; they are effective and robust.

  • Green Line Filters

    • Virgin activated carbon made from renewable resources
    • Dedusted and screened
    • Lightweight filter
    • Max operating temperature 80˚C / 176˚F
    • Max allowed humidity 70% (short term only)
    • Prefilter installed
    • Robust galvanized steel housing
    • Single packaged and sealed for storage
    • Made in North America
    • 2″ carbon bed
    • Flanges installed from 4″ to 14″
carbon filter spec