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Free Shipping In Canada On Orders Over $99

Fusion Garden Hydroponic System (3 Plant)

Fusion Garden Hydroponic System 3 Pant

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$34.99 CAD
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SKU MT6100

Product Description :

A soil-free hydroponic indoor gardening pot for vegetables, fruits, herbs, and plants.

Technique - Ebb & Flow Hydroponic

Nutrient Solution and air from the reservoir is constantly pumped to the upper tray of the growing pots for the roots to absorb. Excess water will flow back to the reservoir.



  • Nutrient Pump
    Built-in water pump for non-stop nutrient and air flowing through pots
  • Control System
    Built-in water level sensor with a sound alert for low water level
  • Planting Frame
    Detachable PVC pipe frame with a height of 100cm for growing fruits
  • Food Grade ABS
    Pots and tank are built with food-grade ABS plastic
  • Vermiculite
    High-grade organic medium for planting
  • Nutrient Reservoir
    Large nutrient solution storage up to 5 liters of average 2-week water supply high-grade organic medium for planting
  • Mozzie-Free
    Water-reservoir is fully enclosed, preventing insect breeding