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Product Description :

Designed for use with 1000w Double Ended High Pressure Sodium systems. It offers an extremely high output of 146,000 lumens. Standard 1000w HPS bulbs only emit 100,000 lumens. It’s spectrum is also made specifically for plant growth with an additional 30% more “blue” spectrum over standard HPS bulbs. More “blue” spectrum means the bulb has a more complete light spectrum equating into better/more plant growth. Regular HPS bulbs have a wire frame that runs along the arc tube. Double Ended HPS bulbs do not need this wire frame, therefore removing any light interference it causes.

  • This is a specialty horticultural bulb designed and manufactured for plant growth!
  • High Output = 146,000 lumens !!!
  • 2100k Color Temp
  • CRI 30
  • Low Lumen Depreciation Rate
  • No Wire Frame Interference!
  • Runs On Magnetic or Digital

Detailed Bulb Information 



Warning: Do not handle with bare hands, this will degrade the lifespan of your bulb