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Free Shipping In Canada On Orders Over $149.
Free Shipping In Canada On Orders Over $149

Product Description :

Take Your Plants To The Next Level

Forget About Your Old Fulvic and Humic Acid Supplements and Tap into an Even Older, Organic Source of Power…

For years now we’ve offered you Grandma Enggy’s H-2 and F-1, two revolutionary nutrient supplements derived from a single extraordinary compound called leonardite.

But as you know, here at Advanced Nutrients, we never stop learning and growing in an effort to bring growers like you the very best and most fairly priced products on the market.

So with this attitude in mind, we’ve combined these two state of the art products into one even more affordable and easy to use formula.

The solution is Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth®.

We combined fulvic and humic acids into a single nutrient formula that was specifically designed to fit the needs of the valuable plants we grow.

Ancient Earth reduces the effects of salinity and pH fluctuations, increases your plants’ uptake of the precious micronutrients that drive your plants to reach their optimum yield. Plus, you get double the value, because this one formula replaces two products previously sold separately.

This is a no brainer. And since this, like all of our products, is backed by our money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying Ancient Earth today.

Ask your local hydroponic retailer about what Ancient Earth can do for your garden today!


Ancient Earth Benefits

Stimulates seed germination and root growth

Enhances the water-holding ability of soil

One of the most concentrated liquid humic products available

Contains only water soluble humates

Boosts chelating power

Greatly improves plant nutrient health

Enhances permeability of plant membranes

Highest quality product available


Together, Humic And Fulvic Acids Work Synergistically To Help Your Plants Grow More Vigorously, And Produce Huge Yields…



Ancient Earth is actually a combination of two other single products, Grandma Enggy’s F-1 and H-1, which combines the teamwork of humic and fulvic acids to bring you a bumper harvest.

When asked about Fulvic and Humic Acids, here’s what Advanced Nutrient’s Manufacturing Specialist, Tyrel, had to say:

“It was such an exciting trip to go to the leonardite mine and see how they get this stuff out of the ground. Leonardite reminds me of liquid oil. That’s how rich it is.

You can almost see millions of years of evolution and organic matter packed into this vein of leonardite. There are so many beneficial materials in it, but two of the most are Humic and Fulvic acids.

The Enggys have the best method for getting the purest Humic and Fulvics from leonardite, and that translates into a better-producing garden for our customers…”


Then, we asked him specifically about the manufacturing process used to extract these Acids.

Plus, we wanted to know how the team at Advanced Nutrients made absolutely sure these two products were being made using Grandma Enggy’s family secrets.

And lastly, we interviewed him to find out how the two products should be best used in your garden.

“… Making Fulvic and Humic are two of my favorite jobs here at Advanced. They had Grandma come up here a few times to make sure we were doing it right. The leonardite is about the darkest stuff I have ever seen. You can tell it’s got a lot of good nutrition in it just by looking at it and handling it.

When we separate the Fulvic from the Humic we spend a lot of time until we get a really pure fluid that looks like liquid gold. If it’s not a pure gold color or if it has the slightest impurities, we throw it out and start again.

I’m proud to be part of the Advanced Nutrients team so I can make this for your plants. The Fulvic is like one side of the coin and the Humic is the other, so I recommend that people use both of them together.”