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Free Shipping In Canada On Orders Over $149.
Free Shipping In Canada On Orders Over $149

Product Description :

Ballast Specs


  • 600 Watts @ 5.1 amps @ 120 Volts
  • MH Color 4200k @ 60000 lm
  • HPS Color 2100k @ 90000 lm
  • Dimmable (Run ballast at 50%, 75%, or 100% power savings)
  • 30% Lumens increase (and 30% power savings) over Magnetic Ballasts
  • Runs cool and quiet (up to 15% cooler than other digital ballasts)
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Maximum Lumens with either High-Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide Bulbs
  • Worldwide voltage input 100V-268V (50-60Hz)
  • Runs at 120V or 240V (50-60Hz)
  • 8 Foot Power Cord
  • Universal Lamp Cord Receptacle (compatible with most reflector cords)
  • Fast start-up, stable light output, and longer bulb life
  • 1 Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty
  • Rope Ratchet (*Optional)
  • 7 Day Digital Timer (*Optional)
  • cETL Approved Ballast
Grow Light Canada; Listed Performance speaks louder than words.This Grow Light Ballast simply outperforms the rest. Why buy a magnetic ballast from a Hydroponics store chain that will consume more energy and give you less light? This ballast puts out 50% more than the competition's magnetic ballasts! Numbers don't lie.
Lighting is the most important factor for gardening and this high quality FCC tested. This ballast will provide great lighting at any dimmable setting. The silent, cool running, and fast starting ballast is packed with safety features to ensure great longevity. If there are any circuit problems (that can be caused by a faulty bulb or even wire), the ballast will shut off. The ballast is resin en coated to ensure that the surrounding environment will not cause any damage. This ballast is completely switchable and will work with MH and HPS bulbs. Next to genetics, lighting is the, most important factor for indoor gardening. Grow Lights Canada is proud to offer the latest advance in ballast technology. These ballasts offer a glimpse of the future of HID lighting control systems. They offer an improved design and increased efficiency, while delivering the best performance in the industry. Lab tests have shown that these ballasts use up to 30% less electricity and are up to 30% brighter than traditional magnetic ballasts. Tested against the 3 top-selling brands in today's marketplace, Grow Lights Canada ballasts outperform them all in terms of power consumption and light output.
*Do Not use any ballasts with flip boxes, these cause power leakage into the ballast that will cause them to fail

Neutron Reflector:

  • Swivel socket for easy lamp maintenance
  • Comes with a 15’ 16/3 AWG prewired lamp cord
  • Plug & Play
  • Optimum light distribution
  • For all cultivation applications
  • Optimal power to PAR efficiency
  • Designed for a perfect uniformity
  • Suitable for either 600W or 1000W
  • Ready to use, no assembly required
  • Optimized for 2100 µmol lamps
  • Made in Canada
  • Lightweight – 4.35 lbs
  • Made with our exclusive 95% German reflective aluminum
  • Always optimal performance, output, and diffusion with Silverstar
  • cETL listed
  • Swivel socket for easy lamp maintenance
  • Includes “V” hangers
  • Designed to dissipate the heat sideways
  • Minimize hot spots with evenly spread light, which translates to less lights and power costs
  • Increase productivity with greater canopy penetration
  • Socket: E39 Ceramic Mogul Base 600V/1500W 6KV UL #E314425 C/US
  • Wire: 16 AWG 600V 105 Deg. STW UL #E343331-15'
  • Lamp cord Receptacle Compatibility: Dual Universal
  • Lamp not included
  • Unit Dimensions: 9.5" L x 18.5" W x 5.5" H / 24.13 x 46.99 x 13.97 cm
  • Shipping Box Dimensions: 10" L x 21.5" W x 6" H / 25.4 x 54.61 x 15.24 cm
  • Unit Weight: 4.35 lbs / 1.97 kg
  • Shipping Box Weight: 5.75 lbs / 2.60 kg