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Free Shipping In Canada On Orders Over $149

4FT T5 LED 36W Tube Full Spectrum light - 2 Pack

F54T5HO-LED36W Full Spectrum 36W T5 LED

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$69.99 CAD
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Product Description :

An easy upgrade for your T5 grow lights from fluorescent to LED. Get a much better spectrum and energy savings then traditional units. A new direct replacement LED tube patent designed can replace your ballasted system (Note: these require an electronic ballasted system or they will not work and damage the bulbs). You can keep your old T5 grow light fixture just replace fluorescent tube to the LED tube. If your old fluorescent light system has 4 tubes with 6500K you could change to three red and one white LED tubes. If has 8 tubes you could change to 6 red with one each of white and blue for all stages growing. Or build up your own spectrum for your different plants.

4 ft. Lamp Technical Info

  • Fits all 4 ft. High Output T5 Fixtures
  • ALF54/T5/HO Lamp Type Replacement
  • 36 Watts Per Lamp
  • Full Spectrum
  • Actual Bulb Length is 45 3/4". Bulbs will not fit T8 or T12 Fluorescent Fixtures
  • cUL Listed Light

T5 LED Full Spectrum

Detailed Spectrum Specifications Click Here.

Product Features

This T5 can directly replace your T5HO Fluorescent tubes to get a better and faster grow while saving energy. These grow lights are great for building your own grow spectrum with Blue and White tubes for different stages Three times Red with 660nm wavelength than a regular F54T5HO Fluorescent tube Over 50000 Hours of useful life. cUL listed and brown hard paper tube packaging.